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MII Recruiting Dates

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MII Recruiting Dates Empty MII Recruiting Dates

Post  acl5d on Thu Jan 20, 2011 5:06 pm

Here's AJ's email detailing the dates of the upcoming recruiting weekends:

Dear Micro and MII grad students,

We have set our recruiting dates and I would like to ask you to please note the following dates and be thinking about how you would like to be involved. Sandy and I will be setting meetings to coordinate interested student involvement and discuss any ideas for the weekends prior to each weekend. The main activities we foresee include airport and train pick-ups, dinners on Thursday evenings, lunches on Fridays along with walking tours of Grounds, and Saturday morning breakfasts, and showing the applicants potential housing and C'ville attractions (typically Keswick winery because we know the winemaker). There will also be poster sessions for those of you that would like to show off (in a good way) your research on Friday afternoons that will be coordinated by topics. You may volunteer for this or you may be asked by your mentor to put one together for these sessions. Any of you presenting a poster at the ID research day will be all set for this session on the ID-focused weekend.

Each weekend has a focus (or two or more) but applicants of varied interests may be attending each weekend. Coordinating these interviews is not a precise science!

Thanks for your enthusiasm about the program and for your willingness to help us identify an recruit the best students for next year's class!

Feb 17-19.....ID Focus
Mar 3-5.....Immunology and Cancer Focus
Mar 10-12.....Imm/Cancer/ID and MII General Focus

There will also be a few applicants not coming to a specific weekend (we have two tomorrow) and we'll be asking who'd like to be involved in smaller lunches and tours, etc. also.

Hope you all have a great Thursday!


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