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Postdoctoral Fellowships for ATCC

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Postdoctoral Fellowships for ATCC Empty Postdoctoral Fellowships for ATCC

Post  iglomski on Wed Jun 27, 2012 3:57 pm

Joint Post-doctoral Fellowship Program between the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) and the University of Virginia (U.Va.)

Request for Proposals (RFP ATCC-UVA 1-15-2012)

We are pleased to announce an RFP for a new postdoctoral fellowship program that will be jointly operated by ATCC and U.Va. In the initial year, three (3) fellowships will be funded for a period of two (2) years in their entirety by ATCC. The primary goal of this program is to provide a unique training experience to postdoctoral scientists who wish to explore working at the interface between academic and industrial settings, applying pioneering technology to create practical solutions and tools relevant to biomedical science and biotechnology research.

We invite you to submit brief research proposals that map to one or more of the six Research Themes of Interest outlined in the list below. Each postdoctoral fellow will have two sponsors – a U.Va. faculty member and an ATCC staff scientist – who will jointly direct and advise the research project. Each Fellow shall spend a minimum of nine (9) months, but no more than twelve (12) months, of the fellowship at U.Va. and the remainder of the time at ATCC, with the work at ATCC to be conducted on site at an ATCC facility (Manassas, Va., or Gaithersburg, Md.). In addition, an agreement on IP and revenue sharing has been reached between ATCC and the U.Va. Licensing & Ventures Group, enabling a path for open and collaborative research between the two organizations.

A maximum of three (3) proposals will be funded in year 1, with another three (3) proposals funded in Year 2, for a running total of six (6) postdoctoral fellowships funded on a continuing basis. Only one postdoctoral fellowship will be awarded per ATCC scientist or U.Va. faculty member. Renewal of second-year funding will require submission of a satisfactory progress report as well as a scientific presentation by the postdoctoral fellow to the Oversight Committee.

Research Themes of Interest:
1) Genetic engineering of biomaterials: Application of biosensors, pathway perturbation, new transgenic model organisms (esp. human pathogens), use of in situ gene editing technology (AAV), synthetic biology, new applications using GFP, HaloTag or NanoLuc reporters.
2) Novel materials and methods for cell culture research: New growth substrates/scaffolds, 3D tissue culture models, scale-up systems, new cryopreservation methods, culture systems for difficult-to-grow microorganisms, experiment-efficient packaging and shipping technology, biostabilizers, novel bioinactivation reagents, improved media bottle design.
3) Genomics-driven analysis of novel biomaterials: Gene/pathway discovery in commercially-important organisms, microbiome-related research, antibody development using deep RNAseq from lymphoblasts, informatics studies using existing data sets related to ATCC bioassets.
4) Assay methods for disease biology: Use of primary and immortalized cell types for key biological processes (especially related to cell health and drug ADMET), methods for generating stabilized/non-frozen “assay-ready” cells, novel tissue culture models of host-pathogen relationships, new affinity probes for drug targets.
5) Technology solutions for biologics production: New systems for protein or virus production, purification enhancement schemes, improved media formulations, biosensors for process monitoring.
6) Standards in biological research: Creation of biomaterials and/or measurement methods to generate reference standards relevant for improved comparative bioresearch studies, new/improved reference standards for applied life sciences (diagnostics, food testing, environmental testing), development of data standards for key biomaterials.

Funding amounts: We anticipate funding three (3) fellowships in the initial round. The maximum annual budget that will be provided for each fellowship consists of approximately $90,000 direct costs/year: this amount will cover an annual salary of $50,000, paid benefits, a supply budget of $20,000, and a $2,500 travel/relocation allowance. Fellowships will be eligible for renewal for a second year of support at the same funding level.
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